About Claudia

Claudia is a medium.

Claudia contacts your personal Archangels, Angels, beloveds that passed away and guides.

Your personal Spirit Team!

That brings you unique insights, messages and healing.

The Signs Are All Around You

Claudia sees and hears in the spirit world and has contact with transcended souls.

Claudia is a channel for powerful healing energy that cancels blocks and entities, which can be the cause of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes.

Claudia works together with the realm of light for everyone’s healing and highest good. She takes you in a safe, soft and loving way through the gate of the visible to the invisible world.

Claudia does voluntary work in Children’s Hospices as “soul whisperer” for children who are unable to speak.

Soul Time
You Are Never Alone.

Message from Claudia

My job..

is to be the channel for higher light beings to communicate and give you messages, insights, healing and/or clearing. To take you through the gate of the visible to the invisible world.

My goal..

is to connect you with your personal team of light beings. To connect you with their splendid, illuminating, supporting, healing and all-pervasive love. To remind you that you were once connected with their field of light. For you to be able to access this wisdom in your daily life, so you can live the life that you want.

My dream..

is to inspire every soul. To enable you to listen without any doubt to your own heart. Your heart is your soul!

My dream is also…

to reconnect you with the light inside you. So you will radiate your light to everyone that is connected with you.

More about me

The meeting with my spiritual teacher Ratu Bagus and his training in Bio-Energy meditation radically changed my life. The retreats on Bali with Ratu Bagus are full of love, nurturing for the soul and deeply transformative. Ratu Bagus taught me to follow my soul in order to live my dreams, purpose, life goal, mission and passion. Without Ratu Bagus I would not be who I am now.

I am eternally grateful to Ratu Bagus for reconnecting me with I AM, with my Soul, with who I truly am. (Aum Swastiastu Ratu Bagus)

During the sessions I work together with my spiritual teacher Ratu Bagus on an astral level.

My sessions stem from the purity of the source of light and love. I work with I AM, with the Essence, with the Soul.

I wish everyone more Soul Time, time for the soul.

By following the path of my soul my channels have been opened. Clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant. My gift as Medium (Psychic) has woken up. With love and total surrender to the divine light I dedicated my gifts in service of the divine light in you, your soul.