Soul Time

Automatic writing

How do I work with Automatic Writing?

In automatic writing the higher consciousness enters my physical body.

As an intermediary between the visible and the invisible world I receive information and my hand starts writing. This information stems from the field of light beings that are connected with the source of divine truth. From this field all information that you need is channeled in writing. Information about your issue, question, fear, pain, block and information that is needed to give you clarity about your life.

Unique, powerful beings with a high consciousness, such as Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters show you the way. I write the way down for you.

Why Automatic Writing?

This information takes you beyond all the solutions construed by the logical mind.

The Universe possesses a logic that is totally different from our concept of logic. There are correlations in the Universe that we are unable to see, but that can be seen by the light beings.

The messages received by automatic writing touch the core of your Being in an loving, simple and efficient way.

The love, care and support from the highest divine source can be felt and will offer you permanent solutions.

Each message is perfectly tuned. The messages are very pure.

You receive:
A personal, energetically charged and clearly worded message in writing.
Answers and insights about your specific questions from the Highest Source of Truth.
Introduction to the Angel and/or Ascended Master who lets me write for you and who is present.
After the session, for as long as needed, this Angel/Guide and/or Light Master will stay with you.
Spiritual guidance by the Guide, Angel(s) or Ascended Master(s) who are present.
You will start to experience more consciously the presence of spiritual guidance in your daily life.
If relevant, you can receive through automatic writing a message from a deceased loved one.

Do you want to solve your current problems but you don’t know how?
Do you have deep, personal questions that occupy your mind and don’t allow you to find peace of mind?
Do you want to be positively guided in life by a source that doesn’t want anything in return?

Are you ready for a career that makes you happy? For better relationships and a fulfilling, happier life?

Do you believe in the positive power of the Universe and the natural ability of this source to change people’s lives?

I lovingly write a personal message ‘from above’ for you!
After the session you can take this message home with you.

These written messages are charged with a high cosmic energy and will work for you any time you read them again.

Read the guidance you receive. It can change your life completely… For the better!

Cosmic healing

Angels, Light Masters and Higher Cosmic frequencies help you to open the way to more light in your life.

How does it work?

For a healing session I open my soul, heart and channel for God, the Angels, the Higher Spirit of the light and the wisdom of the Light Masters. My feeling of deep compassion for your soul that seeks and longs to find its way back to the light, creates a connection with the light for you.

By the direct transmission of this light and the dissolving of blockages in this light you will experience a healing. I see the light, the energy fields of the light beings, in colors. From the light I receive explanations in pictures and words about what is blocked and what you are liberated from. I communicate this directly to you.

Blocks that have been hidden for a long time, contracts, connections, karma, past lives, whatever is limiting in your life and thwarts your soul, dissolves in the complete light and presence of the Light beings and God.

You receive: Exactly what you need. Divine energy is intelligent and helps you towards the best version of yourself. All this and more is possible, but each session is unique. I follow the energy. After the session you receive a mp3 recording of the healing.
The more you listen to sessions like this, the deeper the healing because previous layers get released.

In the light of powerful, healing, divine light beings you receive understanding, insight, wisdom, acceptance, forgiveness and healing.
Limiting beliefs will be cleared
Areas will be opened again from which you have withdrawn your consciousness
Old contracts, attachments, karma lines and limiting connections will be cleaned on all frequencies
Lost parts of the soul will be recovered
A spiritual experience that transcends the boundaries and mindset of your earthly personality
Connection with the Divine light, your true self
Unconditional love, support and protection are there for you.


So…. Do you have the feeling that you are not progressing in work, relationships or in life as such? Can you not see clearly why this is so? Are you looking for a way to heal old trauma? Are you ready to let go of limiting relationships between you and a certain person that may be cut? Ex, twin soul, parent… Are you looking for a way to heal yourself? Would you like to breathe freely, to live and enjoy so that you can get on with life in a positive way?

Soul Time

More than anything I would love to help you on your way,

to step back in the stream of life,

to reestablish the connection with your soul,

so that you can move forward again.

Contact with the deceased

In my work as a medium I learned that our soul lives on, on the other side of a thin, transparent dividing curtain. I learned that the other side of the curtain is in fact very close by.

Suppose that the boundary between life on earth and an afterlife is just as thin and transparent as a veil? Suppose that the other side is also present here?

If you are willing to believe in something that is bigger than you, something that you cannot prove, explain or completely understand, if you are willing to believe that your consciousness does not end with death but continues on a greater journey, you may also be ready to believe in an afterlife in a world that is invisible to us. You may consider the possibility that contact is possible with that invisible world.

As a psychic medium I have given sessions to many people. During the sessions I enabled them to contact beloveds who were no longer on earth – if it wanted to happen and if both parties agreed. Sometimes the deceased loved ones appeared unexpectedly during a session. The person receiving the session may have longed to have contact with a deceased loved one. There are many reasons why this may be a deep desire. It can also help grieving relatives to process their sadness and loss.

In all cases these beloved souls that reside behind the veil let us know: “I have not left, I am still here.”

For me personally it is a beautiful experience whenever I can escort a deceased soul, if needed, to the Light.

Deceased loved ones always have a wondrous message for the person who is with me. In this way a loving communication between the visible and invisible world comes into being. Contact is really possible, also after this life.

Yoga Healing

Experience these Yoga Healing sessions from inside. The sessions take you to deeper layers of Being. You observe, experience and discover yourself in the light in order to let go of all that is blocked and to bring it in the light. In this session I combine light work with the essence of Yoga. Light work means working with frequencies. Your system connects itself with the higher frequencies of light in all layers of consciousness. It brings clarity, insights, flexibility (both physical and mental) and an increase of life energy.

Yoga Healing sessions are given on a 1 to 1 basis. After each session you receive a video recording of the session to take home.

A session can consist of:

Channeled physical postures tuned to your personal need.

Breath exercises (pranayama)

Healing meditations guided by light beings.

Your Yoga practice happens in connection with the higher dimensions and higher frequencies of light. Your energy will be tuned for this during the first session.

The following sessions will bring you more and more experiences of light and deepening.

These session give you:

Clarity which enables you to Be more effectively and efficiently.

You start to “radiate” and it is easier for you to connect with the light inside.

You can see through and let go of mental and emotional patterns that prevent you from living your full potential and Being based on your inner power.

Your self-healing potential awakens so that you will be in charge of your energy level in daily life.

Grounding and a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings.


Yoga Healing is so much more than practicing a series of postures. The combination of light work with yoga is unique.
When I practice yoga I let myself be totally guided by the light beings from the higher frequencies and dimensions. Yoga Healing is a result of my own unique spiritual experiences. The yoga exercises (asanas, prana yama and meditations) are channeled. They are unique and in tune with the yoga and healing you need. In order to establish you in your power and enable you to live your potential.

Claudia and Yoga.

Before Claudia started her current practice Soul Time she ran and owned “Yoga & Pilates Studio Doorn”. Claudia followed her yoga training at the Saswitha Stichting voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte, specializing in Ayurveda (Indian health science), breath and breath therapy, chakra philosophy and chakra psychology. She followed this up with a training in Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Shirodhara Therapist.


Skype Session

Personal message and help from your Spirit Team, incl. mp3 recording

During this 45 min. session Claudia has access to your spirit team, that helps you with healing, reading, automatic writing and clearing.

Book here your personal skype session with Claudia.

Purification and Blessing of your House

Your House, Your HOME

An energetic source of light, peace, harmony and high energy

Do you have the feeling that something is not right in your house?

You repositioned your furniture, pictures, you renovated or painted, but it still doesn’t feel like your place?

Why is an energetic purification of your house needed?


Former inhabitants may have left negative emotions. Maybe the energy of a deceased person is still hanging around. Or maybe your house has witnessed agitation in your own life, such as a divorce, quarrels, sadness or a death.

Usually it is an accumulation of negative, stagnant energies that cause a living space to feel uncomfortable. Negative energies of yourself, other inhabitants or visitors can get stuck and accumulate in your house, if you don’t regularly clean your house energetically.

Whatever the reason for wanting your house cleaned of “stuck” negative energies, the result will be that your own vibration and the vibration of your house will rise. Your house will become an energetic source of power where you can recharge and feel at home.

Free your house from negative energy, bring pure light and fresh high energy in your personal living space.

When is it advisable to purify and bless your house?

When you often feel tired at home and find it hard to get active

you or your children are fearful and/or have trouble sleeping

you don’t feel energetic when you are at home

there are quarrels and accidents tend to happen

you feel a heavy energy.

When you feel “something” is present, you feel watched even when you are alone.

you suspect entities or spirits

your pets are often restless.

When you notice that you avoid certain rooms

When someone has died in the house

When you buy a new house

When a child is born

When you sell your house.

When you want your house to have the highest possible level of positive energy. For more happiness, higher energy, peace and harmony.